We are Communicators

Change has smashed once separate mediums together into a constant information flow. Print, digital, website, video, television, audio, all overlap: you have a message and an audience. Q+M will take you from research to recap without leaving our studio.

Q+M Wasn't Born From Another Ad Agency

In fact, no one here has ever worked at another agency. We started in production before adding high level strategy and media services. We understand communication better because we started from the street and built up. Whether you’ve worked with other agencies in the past or are starting a new venture, you’ll come away from our first meeting with new ideas, insight and excitement.

One Team

No matter how big or small an account, you get the same team. There are no junior accounts or positions at Q+M. The same writer who just finished a national ad campaign will write your local newspaper copy. The same illustrator will design characters for Disney on Tuesday and your logo on Wednesday. You always get our best team.

Get Younger, Faster

Our clients are a local burrito joint and a massive international seaport. We work with public agencies and private schools. We’ve helped the Detroit Red Wings get a younger audience into hockey games and the Ann Arbor Art Center with direct mail development. No matter how disparate these projects may seem, we have leveraged our cross-industry experience with phenomenal results. A seaport can learn from a professional sports team, and we have the brains and the experience to make that happen.

Medium Agnostic

Some portion of every marketing meeting in every organization in history has been devoted to the question, “how do we get younger people?” While it may seem like an aging customer base, or donor list, or member group, or audience is a new phenomenon, people have been getting older forever. We’re getting older too, but for now Q+M’s average age is 29 years old. Our president is 36. We’re old enough to have over a decade of experience, and young enough to be the audience you’re after. We won’t be young forever, but we are for now. Use us.

Digital? Print? Television? Traditional media vs. new media? Social media? Website? Block party? Skywriting? Your audience doesn’t care, why do you? You have a message and we’re going to get it to your audience in this modern fire hose of information. New media doesn’t mean digital, it means cohesive and homogeneous, straddling or outright ignoring the lines between mediums and channels our industry has drawn.

Mature in Process, Experimental in Execution

We have a lot of experience in many industries, mediums and markets. Our process is thorough and mature. We work for large, public entities with boards, constituents and FOIA requests. We run industry standard project management software and our processes and deliverables are well defined and measurable. However, we’re Q+M. You are going to see some crazy stuff. We’ll ask questions and explore approaches that are borderline ridiculous and they’ll lead to insights and solutions that are downright perfect. There’s a balance between stability and progress; between risk and reward. Q+M is right there in the sweet spot.

The Perfect Mix

Q+M creates balanced campaigns. Creative and media are planned to meet immediate goals while simultaneously contributing to long-term success. Just like an investment portfolio, we want to put some of our resources in predictable, conservative efforts but always include more experimental and higher return concepts and placements. This way we continue to learn and optimize your marketing.