Vertical Integration

We’ll never know your organization as well as you do, but that won’t stop us from trying. We use traditional data collection methods and some cool guerrilla tricks we’ve picked up over the years to ensure that all of our work is built on the best foundation.

Writing, design, illustration—all creative is done alongside the strategy, media and production teams. This freedom and agility gives us creative control down to the knob on the audio mixer. Integration allows us to hit deadlines other agencies only dream of, take advantage of more opportunities, and adapt with an agility that these days isn’t luxury, but vital for success.

You will feel our vertical integration the most in our strategy. Q+M can truly approach every project without bias or hesitation. Every possible solution or combination thereof is at our fingertips. We know how. We’ve done it. We’ve seen it work (or not!).

We can’t quantify the enormous cost and time savings of our vertical integration, but it’s all dwarfed by the quality, cohesion and effectiveness when the passion for a project is carried seamlessly through production. The people who know you will shoot your commercial. The people who know your business will lay out your catalog. The people who know your bottom line will cover the conference table with product photos and go to town with an X-Acto knife and Scotch tape.

Knowing is half the battle. The other half is execution. Tracking is only valuable if you have the ability to act on the information, and much of what we learn from tracking a campaign is time sensitive. Integration allows our results, positive or negative, to immediately inform strategy, creative and production. Information is more valuable in our hands because we can act faster and more precisely.

The message is being crafted, and the tools are being built, right alongside the process. We don’t wait until production to think about how the creative works when it’s the size of a building because we developed it specifically to take advantage of that building.