A Look At Google Analytics 4 – Q+M

A Look At Google Analytics 4

How much better does Google Analytics Quatro sound, though?

We think that they should have called it Google Quatro, but aside from the rather bland moniker of ‘Google Analytics 4’, there’s a lot to like in the newest Alphabet offering for marketers. 

Google Analytics is still the gold standard in traffic analysis and data collection. The tools this product provides serve as the backbone of many agencies’ eCommerce efforts and helps marketers to parse out details that made every advertisement dollar go that little bit further. Every update offers something new, and this iteration points to what Google and the industry are anticipating in the years to come. 

The most important thing to remember about any Google Analytics account is that it’s a tool; it provides numbers, but it takes insight and action to make it work for your business. That’s why we’re always busy; it’s a full-time job to take that data and convert in real-time. Still, Analytics 4 offers agencies and do-it-yourself businesses new ways to make the most of AI and forecasting to make smarter decisions. The update includes a number of features that allow users to customize alerts based on sales trends and offers predictions for what will sell next based on what is moving right now. It also helps users to learn more about customer habits; find out why one site visitor bounced, why one abandoned their cart, and why another spent $5,000 on hair ties all at once; this is the information that can help improve conversions for all customers down the line. 

Even as Apple is locking down application tracking, Analytics 4 is offering a new way to look at the customer lifecycle. This means it will offer more insight on how customers ended up on a particular eCommerce platform, their behavior on that site, and where they went next. This is critical information when it comes to crafted effective campaigns or developing any number of digital assets. It’s also going to change the way we do our reporting; instead of focusing on the channels, we’ll be able to parse out customer behaviors as they transition from apps to the Web and across devices. 

Finally, data privacy and control has been the watchword of the past several months. In addition to changes as a result of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, tracking, and other insights also need to be CCPA and GDPR compliant. The newest Google Analytics update includes new controls to help ensure compliance and control, as well as new ways to manage all the little bits of data that get stuck on your fingers when working on behalf of any number of clients. 

Making the most of these new tools is an important part of what we do and it’s why our Paid Specialists invest time researching updates, attending virtual workshops, and submitting countless support tickets to get the answers they need. If you have questions about these changes, let us know.