Email Marketing Is More Than Desperately Sending Out Discounts

Some marketers scoff at email, but for the right businesses and used in the right way, email has been proven to provide a lot of value for a relatively low cost. From small business to the biggest brands, sliding into someone’s inbox is a big opportunity; don’t waste it. 

Smell Ads 2018: Black, White n’ Abs

The Q+M holiday tradition of torturing ourselves with fragrance advertising is in its third year. To commemorate it, the buttholes that make smell-ads decided to prove me totally wrong when I said  that the “Scent: The FILM” trend was over. Apparently it was just hiding in an old Fellini film canister that some six-year-old bedazzled. … Continued

Summer is hard

Oof. Summer amiright? Sure, summer is fun. You’re outside cruising the neighborhood with your adequately behaved dog. You’re hitting the swim-club, possibly a beach of some sort. Perhaps there is a block party in your future. I like riding bikes (a lot) but maybe you like floating the river (why, I dunno, but whatever). In … Continued

Single on Valentine’s Day in Ann Arbor? Heck Yes.

In February, romantic love gets even more of the attention it constantly craves. If you’re one of us single folk, this may be annoying. It may be the cause for a lot of additional champagne, and visits to Rock Paper Scissors to buy empowering non-romantic cards for yourself. But you don’t need to overcompensate for being … Continued

A2 Film Tech Showcase: We were there. We took some photos.

The A2 Tech Film Showcase brought together two things that are very near and dear to us over here at Q+M: Tech and Diversity. And pizza.  Free pizza. We enjoyed hanging out with our friends from Duo, Ann Arbor SPARK and A2 Geeks. Everything looks better with one of those fancy red-carpet backdrops, don’t you … Continued

Meet The Guy Who Is Bringing Q+M To Traverse City

  Q+M adds another world-class acronym to its arsenal with a new office and a new employee in TC. It’s no small honor to be in the same company as Q+M’s presence in cities like Ann Arbor (A2) and Los Angeles (LA). Taking just a moment to introduce myself and my fair city is a … Continued

2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year for our long-time partners and new friends alike. We focused on continuously elevating our work and our clients’ success. Take a look at some of our favorite projects from 2017. 2017 Project Highlights We’re already ramping up for 2018. We hope you find some inspiration and excitement in this work and … Continued

Art Deco Lovers Rejoice: Ann Arbor State Theatre Reopening

After a year of renovations, Ann Arbor’s historic State Theatre is set to reopen on December 8th, 2017. This shining example of art deco glam with modern amenities and a full bar will be a community treasure for years to come. Q+M is honored to play a part in relaunching the Theatre to the public. … Continued

Fragrance Ads 2017: A Q+M Holiday Tradition

It’s that time of year again! Time for the traditional Q+M fragrance ad holiday wrap-up. It’s the time of year when I feel bad about my life choices because some butthole was paid millions to do terribly what I do fairly well for hundreds. So strap yourselves in and get ready for this year’s head-back-eyes-closed, … Continued

4 Tips to Improve Your City’s Social Media Presence

In this post, we asked Kara Sokol, Communications Manager for the City of Ferndale, to share her tips for cities looking to improve their social media presence.  Here’s what she had to say. A good social media presence is like your front office or customer service desk; you’ll be asked questions about which you know nothing, you’ll sometimes be … Continued

Mighty Good Coffee Barista Highlights

Q+M teamed up with Mighty Good Coffee to highlight some of their amazing baristas. Each interview features several photos of staff in action. You can check out the entire series (include more photos and info on the baristas below), on Mighty Good’s Instagram feed.

Pizza Month Taste Test: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

This October we helped client Tiffany’s Pizza celebrate National Pizza Month with a couple of taste test videos. Here’s what our testers think of the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza: Wonder when they’ll make a cider and donut pizza?

What Leaf Pickup Can Teach You About Social Media

Q+M has been working with public agencies for over a decade.  Our recent work has us creating Marketing Plans, campaigns and brands for cities like the City of Ferndale, MI. In this post, Q+M interviews Kara Sokol, Communications Manager for the City of Ferndale. The City of Ferndale maintains an extremely active social media presence … Continued

Video: Cranbrook Client Highlight

Cranbrook Schools has been our client for five years. We always look forward to visiting their beautiful campus. This client highlight showcases some of our recent work for Cranbrook. View more of our work with this client here.

Three Different Websites, Three Very Different Purposes

Whether you’re launching a new program, project, or company, your going to need a website. Here three different websites we’ve designed for three very different purposes. Ypsilanti District Library: TALK The  TALK (Texting And Learn for Kindergarten) from the Ypsilanti District Library encourages parents of young children to sign up to receive texts that build … Continued

A Day in Downtown Ferndale

Our recent photo shoot for the City of Ferndale captures the things that make this town great: a thriving downtown, verdant parks and unique businesses.      

Build Community Support for Your Public Project

Municipal projects present unique communications challenges. People need to know the short-term impacts and the long-term benefits. It’s like being a teacher and graduation speaker at the same time. When done well, public projects build community support by involving stakeholders every step of the way. Midland Michigan Digs In During the summer of 2017, the City … Continued

Video: YDL Bookmobile, Client Highlight

Take a peek into the graphic design that went into redesigning the new Ypsilanti District Library Bookmobile. According to the Ypsilanti District Library, “The Bookmobile is a unique location of the library in that it brings library materials to people. It serves as an alternative to stationary locations, and can go places where library use … Continued

Show you care: Use real, high-quality photos for your next campaign

Real, high-quality photos are vital to a successful website, social, digital or print campaign. Why? Numerous studies show that real, high-quality photos increase conversation rates, increase engagement and trust in your brand, and show that you care. If you are struggling to find a person on your staff to take the kind of photos that … Continued

Welcome, Allen!

Hi there! I’m Allen Luo and I’m the new intern ‘round these parts. I like bubble tea, tennis, and spending absurd amounts of time watching cooking videos on YouTube. This summer I’ll be working alongside various members of the Q+M team to not only make their lives easier but hopefully learn some things along the … Continued

7 Reasons You Should Turn Your Print Piece into Digital Content

There is something special about a printed piece.  Whether it’s an annual report, quarterly newsletter, or glossy sales brochure, sharing your message in print form can engage the senses in a unique way. But in the age of mobile devices and social media engagement, there are also many reasons to turn your print piece into … Continued

Video: City of Ann Arbor Mayor Coin

Meeting with the Mayor of Ann Arbor is quite an honor. He’s charming, insightful . . . and really tall. What would make a visit with the Mayor even better? A commemorative coin, perhaps? You bet! Q+M was delighted to have the privilege of designing the Mayoral Coin for the City of Ann Arbor. Once … Continued

Video: Print to Digital – Make an Impact

You have a message and the best way to deliver that message isn’t by pigeon carrier or a PDF. Increase visibility of your personality and brand by giving your clients/customers something they can click on. Let’s get started! —Sarah, Client Success

Design Inspiration: Catherine’s Picks

Julien Vallée (Vallée Duhamel) Canadian graphic designer and art director Julien Vallée is known for creating lo-fi, humorous animations. The Vallée Duhamel aesthetic is vibrant: led by big ideas and guided by loose storyboards, the creatives involved in each shoot solve the problems of how to make the things in the script happen as they go … Continued

Video: Q+M Hover Dash 2K17

On a Monday after a long weekend, James and I were hanging around the water cooler, arguing over who could run faster, “Usain Bolt or a Hungry Hippo?” When Catherine and Katie joined in, the conversation went from hippos to hover boards in the blink of an eye. Katie showed us this video Duo Security … Continued