The Best Time To Post On Social Media

Timing is everything. On social media, getting your organic posts noticed comes down to getting up great content right when people are eager to gobble it up. That changes based on the platform, but there are solid numbers to help you know when to fire away. 

Chief Troublemaker and Other Naseating Job Titles On LinkedIn

First off, we want to make it clear that we think LinkedIn is actually an underutilized and underappreciated platform for businesses. It offers a wealth of ideas, a plethora of incredibly talented people, and a professional way to stay up-to-date on current events without cat pictures and racists posts from your second-uncle-twice removed. 

WhatsApp Now With Facebook’s Integration Plans

The lines between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are already blurred, but the latest privacy update on WhatsApp shows that full integration might be just around the corner.  Facebook’s eponymous platform has been inching closer and closer to bringing a more comprehensive integration between its two little brothers, Instagram and WhatsApp. The move has drawn a … Continued

Subscribe Here. Subscribe Anywhere.

The subscription business model isn’t new. It’s a proven way to guarantee income, access to customers, and a reliable bottom line at a set interval. Think your retail business can’t get in the game? Think again. Newspapers and magazines have been struggling for a decade, but one of the key tenets of their business model … Continued

How to Deal with Trolls on Your Organization’s Social Media Accounts

If you’ve ever ventured into the comment section of a post on Facebook or Instagram, or the reply threads on Twitter, you’ve seen first-hand just how uninformed, hateful, and just plain mean some people can be online.  For brands, the trolls are more than just an annoyance. They can be seriously detrimental to a brand’s … Continued

Al’s Annual Holiday Fragrance Ad Wrap-Up

People have been giving 2020 a lot of crap; that’s unfair. 2020 is just what happens when we handle ourselves like feral toddlers for 200 odd years. Of course, there’s no more exemplary manifestation of said perpetual toddlerdom than fragrance ads. So just as you thought you had made it through the year, ready to … Continued

Marketing After COVID…Whenever That Might Be

It’s a good time of year to hope. For so many of us, hope means a return to health and connection to the people we care about. For brands, hope means we can even start looking at what things will look, sound, and feel like once the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is in the … Continued

The Year That Was at Q+M

This year feels like it’s been a decade long, but we’ve just about made it. As 2020 finally comes to an end, we’re taking a short look back…because a long one might be a bit too much to stomach. 

Meet a Client: Brenda Jones and Kinetica Labs of Ann Arbor, Michigan

You know all about us, but have you met any of our clients? It’s about time you have. We’ll be featuring more of our clients in the coming months so you can see the really cool things they’re working on, how we’ve helped them, and what’s next as they continue their paths of global domination … Continued

Cody’s 2021 Goals

It’s safe to say we’re already to flip this last page of the calendar and start with a fresh year. As challenging as 2021 has been, and as much as we’ve worked with our clients to make champagne out of some very sour grapes, the new year is much-needed.  One of our clients, Keen Technical … Continued

A Very Influential Holiday Season

Influencer marketing has grown consistently alongside the pervasive rise of social media. More platforms haven’t diluted the power of a strong personality with a big following. In a holiday season being shaped by a pandemic, influencers are having their day. 

Facebook In 2021

We’re looking deep into the future on this one. Take a journey into the marketing world to come, now three whole weeks away! What will Facebook look like in 2021? Here’s what to expect. 

Five Restaurants Tips To Get The Most Out Of Curbside and Delivery

Ever since the second shutdown of dine-in services in Michigan, we’ve been working hard to help restaurants make moves to stay open and stay safe. After two lockdowns and nearly eight months, here’s what we’ve found works. 

Holiday Shopping Is Exploding Online

Online sales were always going to be on the rise in 2020, but with a global pandemic finding a renewed foothold in the US as we hit peak holiday shopping, it’s going to explode. 

Michigan’s Three Week Lockdown, By Industry

Just last weekend, Michigan introduced a number of new restrictions designed to curb the dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases as the holidays near. Here’s what businesses need to know.  As has been the case since the pandemic began in March, certain industries are much more affected by the necessary restrictions set in place to slow … Continued

With a Facelift and New Users, LinkedIn Is Booming

If you’ve recently logged in to your LinkedIn account and thought you logged into Facebook by mistake, you’re not alone. LinkedIn recently underwent a dramatic redesign that makes the user interface far more modern, easier to use, and strikingly similar to Facebook’s UI.  The new look comes at a time when things are looking really … Continued

Easy, Free, Contactless Check-In For Restaurants

Few industries have been hit quite as hard by the pandemic as your local restaurant. Since March, businesses of all kinds have faced challenges in the ways they do things, but for restaurants, it’s been especially tough.  The past several months have been a test of how restaurateurs think on their feet. The transition to … Continued

Energy Bar Brawl: Why Kind Bar’s Negative Ad Misses The Mark

Pepsi versus Coke. McDonald’s versus Burger King. Chevy versus Ford. Nike versus Adidas.  Kind Bar versus Clif Bar.  While it may not be a top-level brand fight yet, the energy bar competitors have been marketing heavily on negative energy. That’s a bad call right now. 

Sales Is Marketing Is Marketing Is Sales

At larger companies, there is a sales team and a marketing team. Back in the long-ago times when people worked in offices, those teams may work on different sides of the building, unable to even peep over the top of their cubicle to put a face to the email address that reaches out every couple … Continued

Your Virtual Event Marketing Playbook

The events industry has been hard-hit this year due to the pandemic. Many organizations that depended on revenue from in-person events, tradeshows, and conferences have been left scrambling to convert in-person experiences into comparable (and profitable) digital events. As many of these organizations have found out, it’s not as easy as canceling your venue and … Continued

The QR Code Has Found Its Calling

We’ll be the first to admit to deriding and mocking the humble QR code. Whenever it came up as a part of the design or a wider marketing campaign, it almost never made sense. Why? People just don’t use QR codes. Until now. 

We Went Golfing and Did a Good Thing

Earlier this week, we sent Wes to the Michigan Society of Association Executives’ Fall Golf Outing, hosted at The Medalist in beautiful Marshall, MI. The event represented the first in-person meeting for MSAE since March, and Wes’s first event representing the Q+M squad. We sponsored a Game Box, pitched a tent, stacked the cooler with … Continued

Why Are Brands Encouraging Voter Registration

My grandma always insisted that we never talk about politics during the holidays. In the rare instances something even remotely political crossed the dinner table, perhaps tailing a basket of dinner rolls, she’d stop, look down, and stay quiet until the offender noticed their faux pas. For brands, election season might feel a bit like … Continued