Energy Bar Brawl: Why Kind Bar’s Negative Ad Misses The Mark

Pepsi versus Coke. McDonald’s versus Burger King. Chevy versus Ford. Nike versus Adidas.  Kind Bar versus Clif Bar.  While it may not be a top-level brand fight yet, the energy bar competitors have been marketing heavily on negative energy. That’s a bad call right now. 

Sales Is Marketing Is Marketing Is Sales

At larger companies, there is a sales team and a marketing team. Back in the long-ago times when people worked in offices, those teams may work on different sides of the building, unable to even peep over the top of their cubicle to put a face to the email address that reaches out every couple … Continued

Your Virtual Event Marketing Playbook

The events industry has been hard-hit this year due to the pandemic. Many organizations that depended on revenue from in-person events, tradeshows, and conferences have been left scrambling to convert in-person experiences into comparable (and profitable) digital events. As many of these organizations have found out, it’s not as easy as canceling your venue and … Continued

The QR Code Has Found Its Calling

We’ll be the first to admit to deriding and mocking the humble QR code. Whenever it came up as a part of the design or a wider marketing campaign, it almost never made sense. Why? People just don’t use QR codes. Until now. 

We Went Golfing and Did a Good Thing

Earlier this week, we sent Wes to the Michigan Society of Association Executives’ Fall Golf Outing, hosted at The Medalist in beautiful Marshall, MI. The event represented the first in-person meeting for MSAE since March, and Wes’s first event representing the Q+M squad. We sponsored a Game Box, pitched a tent, stacked the cooler with … Continued

Why Are Brands Encouraging Voter Registration

My grandma always insisted that we never talk about politics during the holidays. In the rare instances something even remotely political crossed the dinner table, perhaps tailing a basket of dinner rolls, she’d stop, look down, and stay quiet until the offender noticed their faux pas. For brands, election season might feel a bit like … Continued

Q+M Goes Golfing at the MSAE Fall Golf Outing

In full transparency, you’d be hard-pressed to find any of the Q+M squad at a golf course under normal circumstances. In theory, golf should be totally up our alley; funny pants, alcohol consumption before noon, and the opportunity to whack a ball as far we can? That should be our thing, but for no particular … Continued

What Is A Marketing Budget?

Some companies still have marketing budgets. Does yours? If not, we’ll tell you what it is and one proven way to calculate just how much ad spend should be tucked away.  I’ll admit it. I worked in digital marketing for about two years before I actually put a pin through my ego and looked up … Continued

How to Get More Value of Your Blog Posts

After doing your research, writing, drafting, then re-writing a blog post for your business or organization, the big moment has finally arrived. You hit publish and your hard work is now shared with the world! Huzzah! Doves are released into the air, fireworks explode majestically in the distance, and the users of the Internet flock … Continued

What Twitter Does Really Well

Like any marketing effort, social media offers different horses for different courses. Depending on the brand and the purpose, Twitter might do some things better than Instagram, LinkedIn might be more useful than Facebook, and TikTok…well, it’s out there. 

Facebook Advertising Metrics You Should Know

Whether you’re new to advertising on Facebook or an old hand when it comes to paid social marketing, one thing should be obvious: you should know the basics of the platforms you’re advertising on. By that, I mean you should be able to answer basic questions pertaining to the cost and effectiveness of adds on … Continued

Are You For Reels? Instagram’s TikTok Copy Cat

It was inevitable, really. When Facebook sees a competitor on the rise, Zuckerberg has only two plays. One, he buys the company, piling up stacks on stacks on stacks in front of aspiring young developers who, history tells us, love to pocket the money and run out the door to their next venture. The other … Continued

Trending on Twitter? Not Always a Good Trend for Marketers

On the right side of Twitter’s user interface (at least, on your laptop) is, what should be, a marketer’s dream. The “What’s Happening” section can almost be considered the pulse of what the Twitter community is talking about and engaging with on the platform at any given moment globally, nationally, and locally. As a marketer, … Continued

What Do Customers Want To Hear Right Now?

As we dial into yet another Zoom call with clients we really do miss seeing in person, one of the most common questions we hear is a really, really good one. No matter the industry, no matter the project, nearly every discussion comes down to something along the lines of this one idea.  What do … Continued

A Pumpkin Spice PSA: Why Out-Of-Season Promotions Pay Off

First, it was the holiday creep. Christmas decorations in September are now the norm. But pumpkin spice lattes in August? That’s a promotion that might put a bad flavor in customer’s mouths. 

Instagram and Facebook Messenger Are Merging: What It Means for Marketers

instagram app on iPhone

This week, some Instagram and Facebook users were notified of a “new” messaging experience arriving on their smartphones. The long-awaited combining of Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s direct messages finally appears to be coming to fruition. When this initiative is complete, any Instagram, Facebook, and eventually WhatsApp user (all Facebook properties) will be able to message … Continued

How Important is the Top Spot on Google Search? Super Important


When we talk to clients, they usually are aware of just how important it is to be at the top of the search results. They get it. When someone is searching for a product or service, they’re pre-qualifying themselves as a customer. In effect, they’re plunging from the top of the sales funnel down to, … Continued

Membership Marketing Tips: Look to LinkedIn Ads


As summer winds down, many association executives are starting to look towards fall, and even to 2021, and are thinking about three things: I’m not spending Labor Day weekend with the in-laws again COVID-19 + My Renewal Rate = Downward Spiral I need new members to make up for membership loss We can’t help you … Continued