Climate Strike September 20: We’re Closed Because We Care – Q+M

Climate Strike September 20: We’re Closed Because We Care

At Q+M, we tend to give a shit. For our clients, for our co-workers, for our community. We take a lot of pride in being advocates and supporters of the people we see, talk to, and work with every single day. Those relationships are tangible, close, and vital not just to business, but to establish the connections that drive us to be better. 

Saving the planet is bigger. The sheer scale of the climate crisis makes action intimidating; what can one company do? What can one person do? The answer is simple: something. While national governments, businesses, and alliances are going to have to make massive changes to the way the world works, the real change starts with millions of people doing billions of small things. You might already prioritize sustainability at home. It’s time to bring that focus to the office. We’re joining hundreds of businesses around the globe for the Climate Strike, a world-wide initiative designed to bring attention to the biggest threat to our world we’ve ever faced. 

The Climate Strike is built around action. The goals include support and passage of a Green New Deal, respect of indigenous land and sovereignty, environmental justice, the protection and restoration of biodiversity, and implementation of sustainable agriculture around the world. These initiatives have the support of twenty of the biggest climate non-profits from the United States, Canada, and dozens of other countries, in addition to organizations of all sizes. Hundreds of businesses have already committed to the strike on Friday, September 20, and we’re proud to be one of them. 

Our office will be closed in support of the Climate Strike, and we’re encouraging our team to get outside and enjoy the natural spaces we’re so lucky to have. Additionally, we’re challenging our team, clients, friends, and family to commit to making a change in their day to supports a better, brighter future for the planet. Park the car and ride, walk or take the bus to work. Skip eating meat, or refuse to take one-time use plastic products like grocery bags, straws, or unnecessary packaging. Find something that you can do to help and commit to sticking with it. 

For more on Climate Strike, read up here. Remember, there’s a full week of events after the strike on September 20, and make it a point to keep up with climate issues and vote accordingly.