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Four Things Brands Need To Do On Social Media

One thing we really do try to drive home to our clients and the folks we consult with is this: social media isn’t rocket science. That said, there are basic things to get right. 

The most important thing to remember with social media is that its value is in being social. It’s a conversation. It’s a message board, not a billboard. That’s why we believe the most important metric isn’t Impressions or Reach or Follower counts, it’s Engagement. To borrow a saying that just doesn’t get enough use these days, Engagement is a measure that people are picking up what you’re putting down. 

With that in mind, we put together four things every business with a social media account needs to prioritize. The best thing about all three of these items is that they’re simple. Think of it as cross your t’s and dotting your i’s in the world of social media. 

Don’t be a billboard. Have you ever had a conversation with a billboard? Have you ever asked it for help selecting a product, to learn about a brand, or to ask about sizing or services? No. And the only thing worse would be to have an avenue for people to ask questions and then not answer them. Social media shouldn’t sell; it should communicate. It’s your place to ask and answer questions, share news and updates, and talk about cultural trends. Sure, you can let people know about a sale, but if that’s the extent of your content, people are going to tune out. Fast. 

Check those DMs. This is how you make a sale and win a customer. Every social media platform offers businesses a chance to receive messages and it’s important that you treat each and everyone with the same seriousness and professionalism as you would if it was a customer talking to a salesperson face-to-face. Assign answering those inquiries to an associate that is savvy in digital communications, and make sure you have automated messages set up outside of business hours. Checking those messages should be a part of starting the workday! 

Quality Control. Every single social media post is a reflection of your brand. Make sure your photos are edited and look good. Check your copy for errors and typos. Use consistent hashtags, voice, and tone. In our opinion, customers should be able to scroll through a feed and identify your content without even seeing your logo. This can often be accomplished by using the right brand colors and a consistent filter. 

Tell Them What To Do With The Information. It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch, but a call to action gives users a specific direction to get involved and get engaged. Re-read your post and put yourself in the shoes of your customers; what would I do with this information? If you can’t decide, the information isn’t clear enough. Begin or end your post with a clear call to action; it could be simply asking for an opinion or thought in the comments or clicking through to your site. Again, it doesn’t always need to be transactional; crowdsource ideas from your followers; they’re your customers, too! 

We’re here to make every element of marketing easier. We’ve grown into social media consultants, running accounts and advising for dozens of clients across the US, from major corporations to small businesses around the corner. Social media provides a platform for brands of every size to play on something closer to level playing ground; it’s up to you to get the most out of it. 

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