Famous First Words: Wes’ Take on Marketing – Q+M

Famous First Words: Wes’ Take on Marketing

Hi, everybody! My name is Wes and I work for Q+M, a marketing agency in Michigan. What does Q+M stand for? I have no idea! They won’t tell me since I’m the new guy. Who doesn’t love a bit of light hazing? 

Anyway, they asked me to whip up a quick blog to introduce myself to the world. I’m bringing business development experience, content marketing expertise, and a real positive attitude to the Q+M squad, and I’m looking forward to showing the world (all of it) how we can help grow their businesses. 

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with nonprofits, publications, online retailers, foundations, associations, and a whole host of different business verticals. Do you know what they all have in common? 

Absolutely nothing. 

There’s no cookie-cutter marketing solution for any business vertical, and I’m excited to work with an agency that understands that reality. Q+M’s ability to offer a holistic and customized marketing plan to fit each client is one of the main reasons I joined the team. We get to pitch what works for our clients, not what is best for our bottom line. 

I really can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have the flexibility to help my clients explore a range of marketing and advertising options. From traditional to digital advertising campaigns to social media marketing, email campaigns to new websites, we can help organizations do everything from tweak existing marketing campaigns to completely reinvent the wheel so they can really get their business rolling. 

Want to chat more? Give me a shout! (231) 631-8087. I’m also a huge deal on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (don’t laugh). To learn more about Q+M, you should definitely check out and sign up for their blog. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.