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Rewarding Good Behavior: Support Your Pivot With Promotions

Across the country and around the world, businesses are trying to see what tomorrow looks like. The best clue? How things are going today. 

Much has been said of the ‘new normal’, and even if there are plenty of challenges in converting to contactless, socially-distant operations, it’s also a chance to adapt in real-time. Instead of looking at the changes as hurdles, think of them as opportunities. Can’t bring your team into the office? Invest in remote working, downsize your office space, and save money on your lease.  You’ve made the move; how are you making the most of it?

Remote working is a change you’ve made internally. The idea works well when you look at sales, too. One of the biggest things you can do now is to support the changes you’re making by rewarding the behavior you want to see out of your customers, both new and old.  We put together a few examples that make a lot of sense not just now, but for the future. 

Online-only discounts. From 25% off your order at Tiffany’s Pizza to a free footlong sub to go with your first footlong sub, limiting new promotions to a digital sales platform is a smart way to encourage new habits. Subway and other restaurants need to adapt beyond walk-in and delivery services. By encouraging and reinforcing customers to use their app, they’re able to gain more data on their loyal sandwich-grabbers, contact them more often, and influence their habits more often through notifications and geo-fenced offers. 

Give Back. Working with a local non-profit is an opportunity to do good at a time when a lot of people need a helping hand. Not only can you support something that’s near and dear to your heart, you’ll also be able to reach that organization’s following, often for the long haul. If you have a new service like curbside pick-up, delivery, or online sales, consider donating a portion of those proceeds to a charity partner. They’ll help you highlight this new option for customers, and you’ll be able to give back to your community, too. 

Ask For Feedback. If what you’re offering is new, you need to know how well it’s working. Include an optional survey for customers to fill out after trying your new service that will let them offer ideas, criticism, and certainly a little praise to help you work out the kinks. After the survey, give ‘em a little something to stay sweet, like a coupon code for their next purchase. 

Right now, the scariest and most unpredictable part of the recovery isn’t stimulus money or loans. The biggest factor in any company’s resilience will be how they shape, recognize, and adapt to the new consumer habits that are becoming more entrenched every single day.