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Meet a Client: Brenda Jones and Kinetica Labs of Ann Arbor, Michigan

You know all about us, but have you met any of our clients? It’s about time you have. We’ll be featuring more of our clients in the coming months so you can see the really cool things they’re working on, how we’ve helped them, and what’s next as they continue their paths of global domination in their respective spheres of influence.

We’ll start things off with a post from Kinetica Labs from Ann Arbor, MI. Kinetica Labs got its start in a research lab on the University of Michigan campus, and its technology is used worldwide to help employees work safer through increasing ergonomic awareness of their daily tasks.

Guest Post by the Kinetica Labs Team

Kinetica Labs’ CEO, Brenda Jones, has been active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Michigan for years with a goal of positively contributing to the economic development of Southeastern Michigan. So when it came time for Kinetica to select key business partners, the company looked to local organizations.

As an example, Kinetica selected Q+M Agency to improve our social media presence and execute targeted marketing campaigns to drive market recognition and software product sales. As an early-stage software company, Kinetica was looking for a marketing partner who could teach the company’s personnel how to perform certain ongoing tasks but also provide specific services that our small team did not have the expertise or bandwidth to do.

Another critical local partnership for Kinetica is its distribution partnership with Ann Arbor-based Humantech. After integrating Kinetica’s AI-enabled computer vision technology into Humantech’s award-winning ergonomic software platform, the partnership of our two companies has revolutionized industrial ergonomic practices.

The key to these types of relationships is a good cultural fit. We look for honesty, integrity, professionalism, and, last but not least, fun!

Kinetica Labs is a pioneer in the application of computer vision and machine learning to ergonomic assessments.  A user takes a video of a worker performing a task with an ordinary camera.  The Kinetica system analyzes the video and generates a dynamic skeleton of the worker superimposed on the original video.  The worker’s skeleton is color-coded to reflect the risk of ergonomic injury.