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Our Top Picks For International Podcast Day

Listen up. It’s International Podcast Day, and to celebrate, we’re sharing our go-to ‘casts that get us through the workday. 

A few years ago, I thought podcasts were good for one thing, and one thing only: putting people to sleep. Talk radio always made me nod off, and I was pretty hesitant to actively seek out any media that involved a few voices droning on. Then, I discovered a few podcasts that have turned into daily habits as crucial to my productivity as my first, second, and third cup of coffee. 

There are some incredible shows out there that run the gambit of topics. I rely on podcasts for news and inspiration; hearing how very smart people came up with their ideas, their systems, and their creative process is motivating. 

Favorite News Podcast. Today, Explained. From Vox and Stitcher, Today, Explained offers up a deeper look at the day’s most pressing issues. Politics, climate, social issues, tech and more all get mixed into stories posted five days a week. Each show is a neat and tidy twenty to thirty minutes and features guest appearances from journalists from Vox news team and other outlets, too. 

Favorite Tech Podcast. This Week In Google. It’s fascinating. Google is a giant in the industry. As a result, every whisper and rumor about their next move can shape the industry. With digital marketing, staying up to date with algorithm changes and new products and services is key; this is the best way to chase what’s next. Looking for a specific topic or episode? Google it. Seriously. 

Favorite Design Podcast. 99% Invisible. If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing and then ultimately bubbling, you’re a stone-cold sour puss. The podcast examines how design influences every aspect of our lives, from ringtones to how we wait in line at the coffee shop. Each episode examines a different aspect of design and goes deep into what shaped the process from idea to reality. This episode on airports is one of the best ever.

Favorite Feature PodcastSummer of ‘69. Parcast Podcasts has a massive library of shows that range from true crime to history to mythology and more. This summer, Parcast compiled some of their best shows featuring some of the biggest stories and events from 1969. Especially worth listening to are the Chappaquiddick two-parter about Ted Kennedy, and the assassination of MLK. Favorite Make-Yourself-Feel Smart Podcast. Planet Money. NPR brings the bacon with Planet Money. Each show centers on something that’s usually only somewhat specific to economics; one week, they’ll talk about the Fed, another, the price of food at sports arenas. From the first word to the end credits, you’re going to learn how dollars make sense, and that a lot of the time, economics doesn’t make all that much sense at all.