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Q+M Goes Golfing at the MSAE Fall Golf Outing

In full transparency, you’d be hard-pressed to find any of the Q+M squad at a golf course under normal circumstances. In theory, golf should be totally up our alley; funny pants, alcohol consumption before noon, and the opportunity to whack a ball as far we can? That should be our thing, but for no particular reason, it isn’t. 

Unless, of course, the Michigan Society of Association Executives is throwing the party. If they’re organizing the shin-dig, we’d go even if it’s centered around basket-weaving. Why? It’s a truly great group of human beings. Seriously. It’s the most laid-back, welcoming group of people in khakis I’ve ever met. So, not only are we sending Wes Sovis to the golf outing on Monday, Sept. 28 at The Medalist, we’re going to sponsor a game box. 

NOW it’s a party.

In addition to bringing a whole cooler full of Michigan craft beer (because it’s tacky to show up empty-handed), we’re going to do a little good while we’re at the event. For every golfer who gives Wes their business card or email address, Q+M is going to make a $5 donation to Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan

If you don’t know about Food Rescue, they’re pretty much miracle workers. They’re responsible for picking up 1.8 million pounds of food each year from restaurants, farms, grocery stores, and other locations in northern Michigan, and deliver it all to almost 40 food pantries in the area. This is all food that would have otherwise have gone to waste, but will go to feed our friends and neighbors in need in our communities. Isn’t that just the coolest?

So if you’re golfing with us on Monday, look for the guy in the red Q+M sweatshirt. Grab yourself a cold craft brew, give him your business card, and we’ll help make sure thousands of families across a seven-county region in northern Michigan have access to nutritious food as the weather turns cold this fall. The golf outing is going to be a day of good vibes, good friendships, and we’ll be working towards helping a great cause. 

Be sure to check out our buds at Michigan Society of Association Executives. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can get yourself signed up for the Golf Outing in Marshall right here

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