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Quarantine + Music: What’s On Your Work From Home Playlist?

Working from home has a bit of a fun, fresh feel when it’s still a relative novelty. By now, however, many of us are out of ways to make the day go by quickly while still getting the work done. From podcasts to playlists, you’re probably stretched to the limit to come up with something different. 

Well, we sure are. 

Listening to music while working can help with productivity and entertainment, but it’s definitely a bit different for everyone. To get the most out of it, think out your playlists just a bit to help you lock into your tasks. 

For example, experts say that you should start slow. For most of us, mornings can be a little groggy. That makes it a great time to match your mood with your music and give yourself a few songs, maybe twenty to thirty minutes, of softer, slower music. This helps your mind shift into work mode without the transition feeling jarring. 

Once you’re warmed up, cut loose. Well, kind of. Some evidence suggests listening to music you like, especially music with lyrics, can be distracting. Instead, go for some sick beats, atmospheric electronica, or stuff that is a bit too new to know the words. There are a ton of study or focus-specific playlists that offer little distraction but some really great tracks. 

Since this whole thing started, even though I’ve always worked from home, I’m home a lot more. Instead of a few hours at a coffee shop to divide up the day, it’s nine hours in a small cell, er, office. It’s a monotony that seems to has spoiled or dampened my love of podcasts, which has sparked renewed interest in the most efficient work music. My go-to has been Petit Biscuit Radio, Coffee Beats, and this great mix of Motown and Soul as a treat to get through that 2:30 feeling.   

But we want YOUR help. We’re making the greatest Work From Home Playlist ever. Drop us a line at honeybear@qandm.agency and we’ll share the final compilation once we’ve got a shift’s worth. Please, no country. Obviously.