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Should Your Brand Be Posting on LinkedIn? Demographics and Opportunity on a Growing Platform

Finding your brand’s niche on social media platforms is more important than ever these days, as organic impressions are reduced more and more each year across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While those platforms have stagnated for brands due to saturation and the aforementioned decimation of organic reach, there’s another platform that’s been growing in terms of users and relevance due to its very specific, and very attractive, niche demographic. 

LinkedIn User Demographics


A quick rundown will show that LinkedIn isn’t a behemoth that can stand next to Facebook or Instagram in terms of the number of users. At 675 million monthly users, it’s dwarfed by Facebook, which boasts 2.5 billion. 

But the appeal of LinkedIn is in the niche-nature of its userbase. LinkedIn users are among the most educated of any social media userbase. 51% of LinkedIn users have a college degree, and LinkedIn ranks third among social media platform in the number of users who make over $75K a year. 

The Algorithm is Kind to Brands


As Hootsuite points out, the algorithm is primed to reward personal connections over influencer-like figures on the platform. This is a huge reason why your LinkedIn newsfeed is far more personal than on other social media sites, populated with colleagues and peers. Other platforms reward content that tends to be from celebrities or divisive in nature. What’s more, the algorithm doesn’t penalize brands or company pages (unlike Facebook), which means you and your company have a fighting chance to grow a decent following on the platform organically. 

This is the “In” Crowd


The most appealing aspect of marketing on LinkedIn, undoubtedly, is the audience on the platform. According to LinkedIn, 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users are decision-makers within their companies. They also claim that LinkedIn users possess twice the buying power than the average web audience. 

If these claims are even remotely true, few would disagree that LinkedIn is a growing and attractive platform for B2B and B2C companies alike. 

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