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Single on Valentine’s Day in Ann Arbor? Heck Yes.

In February, romantic love gets even more of the attention it constantly craves. If you’re one of us single folk, this may be annoying. It may be the cause for a lot of additional champagne, and visits to Rock Paper Scissors to buy empowering non-romantic cards for yourself. But you don’t need to overcompensate for being single on Valentine’s Day. You know why? Because on Valentine’s you’re going to do what you already do as a single person—exactly what you want. You’re going to do that thing exactly the way you want to do it, too.

This Valentine’s Day remember that doing your own thing is awesome. Really awesome.

In solidarity with your non-date plans, we’re sharing our ideas for places to visit if you’re single on Valentine’s Day in Ann Arbor. There’s no place like Ann Arbor for doing awesome things on your own.

Single On Valentine’s Day in Ann Arbor Visiting Places (This is Bad SEO, FYI) Best Places IN 2018 Top 5 Places to Always Visit Here Valentine’s Day Ann Arbor

Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center (this is not a drill)

You’re never alone at the Tiny Lions Lounge. What could be more perfect then spending Valentine’s Day with freely roaming cats (to be clear, this sentence intentionally ends with a period instead of a question mark). You and the cats can cuddle or ignore each other as you see fit. Because you’re both independent, and you both need each other a little bit.  The Tiny Lions Lounge on Jackson road is open till 7pm. If you didn’t already know about it, you’re probably in disbelief right now. This is not a drill. There are freely roaming cats up for adoption at this lounge run by the Humane Society of Huron Valley. Bring a warm drink and get ready for the best Valentine’s early evening of your life.

If you accidentally adopt a furry pal, don’t blame us. While you’re there, maybe donate a little of that money you’ve been saving by not spending it on flowers and candy for a significant other. Tiny Lions is holding a special donation drive for Valentine’s day. Visit their Facebook if you need further proof of their existence.

Old Town

Where else in the actual name of Ann Arbor would you want to go for dinner as a single person on Valentine’s Day? Sure, there might be lovebirds on the scene. But, if there’s a bar you can hang at alone without feeling weird, it’s this one. No date needed.

Those steak fries are killer—obliterate a massive pile of them. No one is watching you, and the only person you need to look nice for is yourself.

Relax Station

Knock yourself out at Relax Station with a quick massage. It’ll be good to decompress after saying goodbye to all those cats. Or, plan ahead for a full hour long massage. Does this need further explanation? Do you need to be convinced? Come on. You know what’s good.


Since we’re talking about going around town feeling good about your life, we have to suggest a trip to Silvio’s.

The restaurant exudes that special cheer and warmth that can only be found around exceptionally good, homey Italian food. Chances are you’ll see the man himself. You might be grateful for the comfort provided by his pizza, to help you wind down from the heavenly massage, after saying goodbye to all the cats.

Cultivate Coffee and Tap House

As a single person you probably know that all sorts of non-romantic relationships are important. Cultivate in Ypsi is all about building community relationships. Their profits go to ending hunger locally. They often host events that circulate money back into other community shops, non-profits and the like. If you want to feel part of something bigger but in a small-local way on V-day, this is the sweet spot. You can enjoy an excellent cafe beverage, or beer on tap. Whichever floats your boat. They have all kinds of very good things to ingest. While you’re there, make and buy a flower pile (I mean, bouquet) for yourself at their flower shop pop-up, 4:30-6:30pm.

Gallup Park

If you ran into too many gushy squishy romance vibes, you can run away to Gallup Park. Good ole’ Gallup is the perfect get away from all the red hearts and glitter. You can share some crumbs from your most recent Argus Farm Stop loaf of bread (or wherever you buy your local fresh bread) or whatever random crumbs you have in the car, with the ducks. You’ll be in good company.

  • Bonus: dress as the bird lady from Marry Poppins and sing “feed the birds, tuppence a bag” to see if you can make a little cash on the side.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying for the average Ann Arborite (i.e. bike-riding, cocktail-drinking, family-loving, adventurous, spirited, cis, non-binary, young, senior, student, graduate student, professor, marketer, barista, artist, sculptor, peanut-butter-and-jelly eater, Last Word lover, etc.) than marching to the beat of their own drum.

We hope that’s exactly what you’re doing on February 14th—enjoying the life you live and the people in it, in all their unique splendor.

With quadruple mazel tov,