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Using Social Media For Event Promotion

Events are what bring communities together, and for many companies, hosting customers for unique offerings and special nights can be a great way to release new products and reward your regulars. From small businesses having weekly quiz nights to bike races and industry meet-ups, get the most out of your event relies on great marketing. 

There are many ways to get your next get-together in front of the right people, but there are few as cost-effective as social media. We’ve got a quick and easy list to work off that will help you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all your social platforms to make your next event a hit and start building momentum for the next one, too. 

Provide Your Sponsors with Content. First off, if your event relies on sponsors, it should be a no-brainer that your social channels are included in your sponsorships packages. Mentions and tags in posts are incredibly valuable for sponsors, especially those with a strong online presence or offer online sales. You can do more, though. Create graphics and copy that your sponsors can share from your channels and send them personalized, custom content pre-packaged with event information, branding, and highlighting their connection so they can simply plug it in…and do your work for you.  

Pay To Boost What Makes You Money. Maybe the most basic rule of paid social media campaigns is to put money behind things that make you money. Boosting or creating a strong paid campaign behind your registration or ticket sales platform should play a big role in driving sales. Budget some amount of money for a sustained ad campaign, and invest time, too, by using A/B testing to be even more effective with your cash. 

Everyone Is A Winner. Giving away tickets or entries is a great way to get people to do your work for you. You’ve certainly seen it done, and when it’s done right, it’s extremely effective. Offer a free entry or two to those who Like, Share, or Tag and use that added Reach and Engagement to get in front of more customers. You get more eyes on your page or profile, and a few spirited supporters get in for free.

Focus On Local First. While we all want our events to grow, be realistic with your targeting. Try to eat your own pie first; if you’re a 5km running race that saw 150 people participate last year, there are plenty of untapped athletes close-by that are more likely to register than folks two hours or two states away. Build an audience that focuses on local first, likely customers second, and more distant participants once you can measure that your own community is maxed out.

Get Under the Influence. Microinfluencers don’t need to have millions of followers to make a difference. Instead of glossy, hyper-Photoshopped Instagram posts piled next to skincare routines, seek out knowledgeable, active social media users in your community that can mobilize their tribe. Looking to get breweries to your beer festival? Consider talking with a distributor or a company that might sell malt or hops. These individuals almost certainly have a diverse and wide-reaching social network that isn’t inhibited by competition. 

Up Your Hashtag Game. Get your event’s hashtag in front of people well before the big day, and keep it featured on as many graphics and assets as possible. This is another great opportunity to get customers to do your work for you by providing content and putting the event in front of more and more people. You can get hashtags wrong, so take one second to run it past someone you know that has nothing to do with your event or industry. You really wouldn’t believe how many industry hashtags seem innocuous until someone else reads “ #assnchat “ and starts laughing. 

Social media platforms provide so many tools to make an event grow. When in doubt, work with a marketing company like Q+M to build the audience you want to see and keep your event growing year in and year out.