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Paid Campaigns Without An Amazon-Sized Budget

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We’re working to help clients reshape and restart their marketing to face a very new and very challenging environment. Uncertainty is a far more troubling element in business than risk; without being able to measure what we stand to lose or gain, we’re helping clients manufacturing information through small-scale campaigns before they go big. 

It’s a truism that is a lot harder to follow through with when things are tough: you have to spend money to make money. Consumer confidence, record-breaking unemployment, and no real end date in sight make marketing in a pandemic a bit like taking a shot in the dart. Even crafting a strong message isn’t enough. It takes a lot of effort to make sure that message is heard and well-received. 

One of the best strategies we’ve developed for our small business clients over the past two months is to invest in micro-campaigns. We’ve developed a system to test social media campaigns on a small-scale and a short period of time to make sure every cent we spent has real value. It’s like a fast-forward, pocket-change version of our larger six and eight-week campaigns, condensed into small short-term efforts focused on limited promotions. 

First, we build a number of audiences and ads to run simultaneously, taking A/B testing to the limit. Using small budgets and checking analytics daily, even hourly, we can quickly determine the best bet and can go all-in. Here’s a look at three things that make these work. 

New Structure or Service. From online ordering, delivery, or even a new product, customers need something fresh. They tend to have more time to browse social channels, which means businesses need to keep content and offerings updated. It’s also a great way to inform followers of new habits or requirements, such as mandatory face masks or how to make use of a new contactless transaction system. We’re all pivoting to new things, and the folks that listen to your message expect to be kept in the know. 

Numbers Don’t Lie. Make the most of analytics from all your social channels, Google, and any other source. Data can help you make your paid campaigns more cost-effective, but it goes a lot deeper than the cost per click. Watch how some metrics behave in relation to each other; when conversion rates go up, what else rose? Spend as much time as you spend money to connect the dots and make sure your budget isn’t wasted. 

Experiment. Following the numbers doesn’t mean this isn’t a time to get creative. It’s quite the opposite. From messaging to a promotion, products to services, now is the time to check your ego at the door and try out new ideas. Invest in video production to show customers your new social distancing procedures and new products. Create stunning graphics for your channels that you may not have had the time to work on before. Never tried selling online? Now is the time. Normal isn’t coming back; what’s different now is taking over for a long, long time. 

Stay fresh, watch what works, and don’t be afraid to do something new. No matter your size or industry, it’s the right time to tell your story the right way. Let us know if we can help!