Summer is hard – Q+M

Summer is hard

Oof. Summer amiright?

Sure, summer is fun. You’re outside cruising the neighborhood with your adequately behaved dog. You’re hitting the swim-club, possibly a beach of some sort. Perhaps there is a block party in your future. I like riding bikes (a lot) but maybe you like floating the river (why, I dunno, but whatever).

In creative work, the summer is hard. It’s just as you sit down at your keyboard, camera or sketchpad when that pit of despair that is 2018 comes crashing back down on you. It’s difficult to stay focused. It’s hard to stay motivated. It’s hard to stay in the office, re-write that copy, take the extra meeting, or do another take because great work is worth it but so is beer at lunch.

I had planned to write a whole thing about staying inspired during the summer, but in searching for the right music to accompany it I went down a Bikini Kill & Le Tigre rabbit-hole and realized there’s nothing I can write that’s more inspiring than Kathleen Hanna. So sit at your desk, put on Rebel Girl and get some killer work cranked out. Then, go home and watch The Punk Singer on Amazon. Maybe toss up a screen in the backyard and show the neighborhood, that’s summery, right?

You’ll probably end up little less than adequately behaved, and that’s a good thing.