The 12 Days of Content: Refreshing Your Business’s Online Presence – Q+M

The 12 Days of Content: Refreshing Your Business’s Online Presence

The holiday season isn’t just about decking the halls; it’s also the perfect time to freshen up your business’s online presence. It’s a time to be a little more fun and festive, while still highlighting your brand, your team, and what value you provide to your potential customers.

Wrapping up a year and starting a new one also presents an opportunity to take stock of where your company could improve their online presence in general, and get it jotted down on the January to-do list. Whether it’s for the holiday or for when business resumes as usual in 2024, here are a few ideas to get the process going – twelve, to be exact!

Day 1: Jolly Blog Posts Update or rewrite some of your top-performing blog posts. Fresh insights, new data, or a new perspective can breathe new life into your old content.

Day 2: Festive Social Media Headers Give your social media profiles a holiday makeover with seasonal cover photos or banners. It’s a quick and easy way to showcase your holiday spirit.

Day 3: Merry Email Campaigns Send out a series of holiday-themed emails to your subscribers. Share holiday discounts and promotions, let them know of any opportunities to donate to good causes through your organization, or send some heartfelt messages to engage with your audience.

Day 4: The Real Reason for the Season Share your company’s involvement in charitable activities during the holiday season. Highlight your company’s involvement in the community from the past year, whether it’s events, fundraisers, or donations to good causes. Share the causes you support and how your audience can get involved too.

Day 5: Client Testimonials Share some positive reviews and client testimonials on your website and social media. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences during the holiday season.

Day 6: Giveaways and Contests Run holiday-themed contests or giveaways on your social media platforms to reward your followers and boost engagement. Prizes could include festive merchandise or discounts.

Day 7: Employee Spotlights Feature your team members in an Employee Appreciation series. Share their stories, accomplishments, and contributions to your company throughout the year. Also, don’t forget to highlight any new additions to your team going into the new year!

Day 8: Interactive Polls Engage your audience with holiday-related polls on your social media. Ask questions like, “What’s your favorite holiday treat?”, “What New Year’s resolutions are you making?” or “What’s your go-to winter activity?”

Day 9: Behind-the-Scenes Content Take your audience behind the scenes and show the holiday preparations happening in your workplace. This could be decorating the office, planning festivities, or special projects.

Day 10: User-Generated Content Encourage your customers to share their holiday experiences with your products or services. Repost and celebrate their content on your social media channels.

Day 11: Snowfall Specials Introduce limited-time holiday discounts, promotions, or special deals on your products or services to entice customers and boost sales.

Day 12: Grateful End-of-Year Wrap-Up End your holiday content refresh with a heartfelt thank you to your customers and audience. Reflect on the year’s successes, giving some fun stats and facts in the style of Spotify Wrapped, and express your excitement for what’s to come.

‘Tis the season to give your online presence a fresh coat of holiday paint, and with these “12 Days of Content” ideas, your business can spread joy and attracting new customers throughout the holiday season and the new year. Happy content creating! 🎁🎄