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What Twitter Does Really Well

Like any marketing effort, social media offers different horses for different courses. Depending on the brand and the purpose, Twitter might do some things better than Instagram, LinkedIn might be more useful than Facebook, and TikTok…well, it’s out there. 

Most of our clients mention Facebook first when they talk about social media, and that makes sense. Zuckerberg’s behemoth is still the golden standard for both organic and paid campaigns. Advertisers have relied on Facebook and its golden child, Instagram, for online sales, brand awareness, and for targeted ads for years now. Both platforms serve as the centerpiece of many of our efforts, but not all of them. 

One platform that doesn’t get the credit it deserves is Twitter. While it doesn’t have the nearly universal appeal and use by certain demographics (nearly 60% of users are under 35, 65% of users are men) but it does offer some users incredible reach. Brands that have invested heavily here have massive followings, including Playstation, which has 17.5 million followers in 2019. 

So, what does Twitter do well? There are a couple of features that we lean on Twitter for, no matter what account or industry. Even if you don’t go all-in on Twitter, try using the platform to fulfill these roles for your brand on social media. 

Speed Thrills. Twitter is sort of like the news scroll on the bottom of a cable news channel. The short, 280 character posts are quick to prepare, which has meant that Twitter is basically a news ticker for both individuals, organizations, and brands. This is a great function for brands to update followers on daily specials or changes, updates on services, or to join the conversation on news that may affect your community or industry. 

Share Your Values. Twitter has turned into a real home for advocacy and activism. We’ve been working with brands to share their messages and support of equality, health and safety, and local issues that matter most to them. In Traverse City, reopening many businesses was viewed with controversy and fear. We worked with a number of companies to inform customers of new COVID-19 changes, guidelines, and those companies’ efforts to keep the community safe. It’s also a great platform to share the thoughts and successes of employees, which does a lot to help give a personable, friendly face to your brand. 

Troubleshooting. The fast-paced and nearly instant communication on Twitter makes it a favorite for brands that offer troubleshooting or customer support. Tech companies have found a niche in inviting their followers to use direct messaging on Twitter to start and even finish support inquiries or get in touch. Don’t sleep on those messages; responding makes those followers 23% more likely to support your brand! 

Voice. This might be the most important, and most overlooked, feature of Twitter. The format lends itself perfectly for sharing and creating content that matches your brand’s unique voice and image. It’s not just about awareness. Twitter can give your company a chance to build an identity by the tone you choose to carry. Make sure your brand offers followers a clear and consistent voice, even if that voice is humorous or funny. 

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