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We Went Golfing and Did a Good Thing

Earlier this week, we sent Wes to the Michigan Society of Association Executives’ Fall Golf Outing, hosted at The Medalist in beautiful Marshall, MI. The event represented the first in-person meeting for MSAE since March, and Wes’s first event representing the Q+M squad. We sponsored a Game Box, pitched a tent, stacked the cooler with some Michigan craft brews, and had one heck of a fun day, despite some torrential rain and chilly temps. Wes was in charge of meeting some folks and making a good impression. Easy as cake, right?

Well, he certainly made an impression. While loading a golf cart with a tent to take out on the course, the tent hit the gas pedal of the cart and hit a parked SUV. Don’t worry. Wes was wearing his bright red Q+M sweatshirt, so I’m sure no one saw that it was him. The SUV and the cart both got away without a scratch, but Wes’s ego has been permanently deflated.              

(Sorry again, Denise.)

To make Wes’s day out on the course a bit more fun, we offered the MSAE golfers a deal. If they gave Wes their contact info, Q+M would donate $5 for each name to Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan. Despite the rain and cold the day of the event, we had forty-three folks take us up on the offer. We’ll be getting that $215 donation sorted toot-suite. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed Wes at the event, but still want to donate, you can do so right here. Food Rescue picks up 1.8 million pounds of food that’s about to go to waste from restaurants and farmers across the region and delivers this food to thirty-nine food pantries and meal sites across northern Michigan. They’re real good people. 

Thanks for letting us sponsor, MSAE. And thanks, again, to everyone who helped us raise some dough for a great cause. If you want to see learn more about marketing and advertising, check out the most helpful newsletter around. We send it out every Friday. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.