Welcome, Allen! – Q+M

Welcome, Allen!

Hi there! I’m Allen Luo and I’m the new intern ‘round these parts. I like bubble tea, tennis, and spending absurd amounts of time watching cooking videos on YouTube.

This summer I’ll be working alongside various members of the Q+M team to not only make their lives easier but hopefully learn some things along the way.

To paint a better picture of who I am, I feel that it’s best to explain how I got to this point. In my sophomore year of high school, I started teaching myself how to use the Adobe Suite after a friend of mine refused to use the logo I drew for him. As a weird sort of vengeance, I spent the rest of that year learning how to build logos, business cards, and all sorts of marketing graphics in Illustrator. Although the revenge plan sort of fell apart, I found out that I really liked graphic design so I kept at it.

By the time I ran into Al from Q+M, I had spent the better part of my years making all sorts of designs and marketing materials for my friends. We met at a local career fair and the interview went something like this:

Okay maybe not exactly like that but it was close. But after another year of working on marketing elsewhere, I’ve come back to join the ranks of Q+M and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully, I can help everyone out and learn some new tricks along the way. Let’s make it my best summer yet!


See you on the internet!