Wes Sovis Joins Q+M’s Traverse City Office! – Q+M

Wes Sovis Joins Q+M’s Traverse City Office!

This week, Q+M welcomes a new face, albeit a familiar one. Our Traverse City office just got twice as productive and twice as caffeinated with the proud addition of Wes Sovis! 

If we’re honest, adding Wes to the team has always been on our radar. He’s the twin of our current Traverse City workforce of one, Cody, and has years of experience in digital marketing, sales, and creating great content. He adds formidable writing chops, a keen eye behind the camera, plus expert project management. 

It’s fitting, of course, that Wes has the exact same title and role as Cody because otherwise, they’d probably fight over it. He’ll work with clients to craft the perfect marketing campaigns from print to video, social media to billboards, and help ensure amazing content across all platforms. We’ve put together a few things you should know about Wes, and we hope you’ll take a second to drop him a line at wes@qandm.agency. 

Wes Loves Bikes. Wes is an avid cyclist and has spent year riding and racing across the state. He’s also a spin instructor at Yen Yoga and Fitness, where he has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for local charities through donation-based classes. 

Wes Loves Small Hatchbacks. Wes’ pride and joy is his VW GTI. If you really want to get under his skin for any reason, just call it a Jetta. 


Wes Loves Nonagenarian Beagles. More people know his dog’s name than his. Disco Volante is a 14-year-old rescue who has, and this isn’t, set a world record for sleeping for three days straight.

Wes Loves Twitter. If we’re allowed to have specialties, Twitter is certainly his. Over the years, he’s proven himself a powerhouse on the platform for clients and certainly worth a follow on his own profile, too.

Wes Loves To Inform. In addition to adding some quality information here, Wes maintains a great blog that talks about tech, marketing, social media, and life. 

We’re really excited to see the bar raised in Traverse City and we’re proud to have Wes on board to help our clients get more out of their marketing efforts. Together with Ann Arbor crew, we offer a whole host of options to build your brand, spread your message, and make your business better.