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With a Facelift and New Users, LinkedIn Is Booming

If you’ve recently logged in to your LinkedIn account and thought you logged into Facebook by mistake, you’re not alone. LinkedIn recently underwent a dramatic redesign that makes the user interface far more modern, easier to use, and strikingly similar to Facebook’s UI. 

The new look comes at a time when things are looking really good for the platform, with Microsoft saying the site has now reached 722 million members, up from the 675 million it reported in January. 

More Users, and More Engagement 

Additionally, engagement on the platform has seen an impressive increase. Microsoft reported a 16% increase in engagement in FY2021 Q1, which equates to record levels of engagement for the site. With the economic impact of the COVID pandemic still in full-swing, activity on the platform is likely only going to increase as people look for new jobs going into 2021.

Advertising Back to Pre-COVID Levels 

Businesses are jumping back into growth mode, even during the pandemic, as LinkedIn reported a 40% increase in ad sales YOY. As companies embrace remote work and in-person event sponsorship opportunities continue to be non-existent, digital ad spend has increased as the most viable, measurable way to reach prospective customers and clients. 

In short, online advertising in general, and LinkedIn in particular are excellent places for your company to be visible and active right now.

If you LOVE numbers and business stuff, the FY2021 Q1 report from Microsoft makes for some fascinating reading. With a more user-friendly layout and a labor market more active than ever, LinkedIn might just be the best possible place to grow your own business in 2021. 

To see if LinkedIn is right for your company, check out this handy post I wrote back in May to learn the ins and outs of using LinkedIn.  

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