2024 Kickoff: Recruitment & Branding – Q+M

2024 Kickoff: Recruitment & Branding

Having a strong online presence, engaging social media, and branding that showcases what your organization is all about isn’t just about bringing in new customers or making sales. It’s also a key factor in selling your company to potential employees.

In today’s job market, having a strong company brand is a bit like being the coolest kid on the block, and having the personality to attract and hire qualified talent. Job seekers want more than just a paycheck (even though fair wages are an extremely important factor); they also want a workplace that resonates with their values, interests, and career goals.

Think of your company brand as your way of saying, “Hey, this is who we are, and if you’re into it, you should join us.” It’s your chance to paint a picture of your company’s identity, culture, and mission. It’s like a sneak peek into what makes your workplace unique.

But that’s not all – a stellar brand doesn’t just attract top talent; it can save you time and money too. When your company has a good reputation, you don’t have to go hunting for job applicants. Instead, more of them come to you because they’re genuinely excited about the opportunity. This lets your HR team focus on finding the perfect fit from a pool of positive candidates, rather than starting from scratch.

A prime example of this is our recruiting work with SMART, the Metro Detroit area public transit authority. Their work is vital to the citizens of Southeast Michigan, making commuting and traveling accessible for anyone. SMART continually has high hiring goals, and puts a lot of stock into employee tenure and longevity.

Q+M produced a video campaign featuring longtime SMART employees. Firsthand stories from dedicated team-members brought sincerity and proof to the message. The people who have been with SMART for over 20 years repeatedly shared that “the people here are my family” showing the sense of purpose that comes with a career in transportation.

Direct digital efforts over six months brought over 50,000 unique visits to the careers page, with 55% of all button clicks on the SMART careers page originating from Facebook alone. Overall, the number of offers extended to new candidates increased 300%.

SMART’s digital ad presence as well as clear communication of their values and benefits as a workplace really worked to drive the point home, and encourage more qualified job seekers to pursue SMART.

We accomplished a similar thing with the City of Danville, Virginia. The City desired to highlight the benevolent community aspect of a career with the city, as well as their wide range of benefits, like tuition reimbursement, employee wellness centers, and more.

Our online support boosted the yearly job application rate by 9.06%, resulting in over 500 applications in the last two years. We achieved this by building a strong brand, creating engaging photo and video content, and nailing our digital advertising strategy. This helped us show off how great it is to work for the City of Danville. We also used social media to spread the word about new job opportunities and share testimonials from current City of Danville employees.

In a nutshell, having a strong company brand is like having a golden ticket in the hiring game. It’s not just about finding employees; it’s about building a thriving community of individuals who’ll drive your company to success. So, investing in your brand is not only a smart move; it’s your ticket to attracting the best and brightest while making your workplace the place to be.