Paid Campaigns Without An Amazon-Sized Budget

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We’re working to help clients reshape and restart their marketing to face a very new and very challenging environment. Uncertainty is a far more troubling element in business than risk; without being able to measure what we stand to lose or gain, we’re helping clients manufacturing information through small-scale campaigns before they go big.  It’s … Continued

Should Your Brand Be Posting on LinkedIn? Demographics and Opportunity on a Growing Platform

Finding your brand’s niche on social media platforms is more important than ever these days, as organic impressions are reduced more and more each year across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While those platforms have stagnated for brands due to saturation and the aforementioned decimation of organic reach, there’s another platform that’s been growing in terms … Continued

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: New Ideas Will Make Your Business Stronger

Just how unpredictable are things right now? As the nation nears two months of lockdown and a very cautious re-opening of business in a handful of states, we’re only just learning of new confirmed COVID-19 symptoms, seeing its myriad impacts on different age groups, and finding out that there may not be immunity for those … Continued

Quarantine + Music: What’s On Your Work From Home Playlist?

Working from home has a bit of a fun, fresh feel when it’s still a relative novelty. By now, however, many of us are out of ways to make the day go by quickly while still getting the work done. From podcasts to playlists, you’re probably stretched to the limit to come up with something … Continued

Small Business Search Marketing Tip: Ever Heard of Apple Connect?

  Back in the day, a great big neon sign over your business was as technical as business owners could get when it came to the equivalent of “near me” searches at the time. Things have certainly changed. The rise of the “(business type) near me” searches using voice assistants and mobile are up over … Continued

Marketing Now: Offering Action In Times of Uncertainty

Like everything right now, marketing is changing. In just a few weeks, companies of all sizes and in every industry haven’t just had to restructure operations, their workforce, their entire futures; in the middle of all that, they’ve had to take a long hard look at the messaging, too.  Working with dozens of clients, I’ve … Continued

Support Local: Communicating, Adapting, And Thriving

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been helping our neighbors to get through one of the most difficult times in the history of our country. The coronavirus pandemic has changed daily life for tens of millions of people around the globe. For businesses, it’s meant a near-constant state of adjustment, creativity, and pressure to … Continued

Facebook Marketing Guide: We Know You’ll Like This

An Introduction Hey, thanks for checking us out! We get pretty fired up about this whole social media marketing thing, so we’re pumped to see you’re interested in it, too. So, here’s how it’s going to work. In the next few hundred words, we’re going to cover: Metrics around the size and scope of Facebook … Continued

Q+M Becomes Marketing Partner for Michigan Society of Association Executives

I’ll just say it – we’re really chuffed about this one.  Late last week, Donna Oser called to let us know Q+M was selected to lead a rebranding of the Michigan Society of Association Executives, as well as be their content and digital marketing partner. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the standard-setting association … Continued

It’s Going To Be Okay: The Rules To Marketing In A Recession

How To Market In A Recession

Across the country and around the world, businesses of all sizes are staring down some big challenges. The biggest is one of those we-dare-not-speak-its-name hurdles that tend to crop up every decade or so. It starts with an ‘r’ and ends with stress, anxiety, and, yes, a silver lining of opportunity.  Folks, we’re rolling downhill … Continued

The New Normal: Three Observations For Retailers

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been working alongside (digitally speaking) our clients affected by the recent string of executive orders in Michigan. Here’s what we’ve learned.  Many retailers were already feeling the sting going into Monday morning. Before Governor Whitmer announced her latest executive order, shutting down non-essential businesses, they’d already been facing over … Continued

Is My Open Rate Any Good?

When meeting with new clients, or just having a beer with other marketing people, we like to talk about all things related to marketing. Facebook impressions, successful ad campaigns, the number of followers they have on their organization’s Instagram; you know, super fun marketing stuff. But there’s one question that takes an otherwise casual conversation … Continued

A Statement About COVID-19 from Q+M

We are fortunate. While there is intrinsic value in our team getting together, it was not a difficult decision to send everyone home last week. It will be a little lonely, possibly smelly, but our service level and productivity will be fine, especially for a few weeks. Many of our friends, neighbors, and clients are … Continued

Famous First Words: Wes’ Take on Marketing

Hi, everybody! My name is Wes and I work for Q+M, a marketing agency in Michigan. What does Q+M stand for? I have no idea! They won’t tell me since I’m the new guy. Who doesn’t love a bit of light hazing?  Anyway, they asked me to whip up a quick blog to introduce myself … Continued

Instagram By The Numbers: Five Hidden Figures For 2020

We live in a world with a crushing, mind-numbing, terrifying amount of data. Looking at social media trends is a bit like watching the ticker scroll on a cable news channel….big numbers, odd jargon and, at least at some point, that glazed-over look in the eye. Of all those digits, we dug deep to pick … Continued

Excuse Me, Is This Organic?

Just about every time that I meet with a client, they end up asking one question. How, by the beard of Zeus, do I get more out of my social media? Almost to a word, it’s the same sentence, although usually without the Zeus bit. My answer is simple: “I’d suggest spending $10,000 a week … Continued

Everyone Is Talking About Conversational Marketing (Well, We’re Going To)

Marketing is really about communication. No matter the medium, brands are trying to convey a complex message of value, prestige, utility, and community with every single product they create. Technology hasn’t changed that essential quality of advertising, but it has revolutionized the pace at which that conversation happens. 

It’s About To Get Hyper-Personal: AI and Targeted Ads

Comedian Daniel Tosh used to have a stand-up special that described his style of jokes as starting broad, getting narrower and narrower until it the topic was offending just one, single person in the audience. In the new world of marketing, we’re all that living, breathing punchline…you just might not have noticed.  Digital advertising is … Continued

Let’s Chat: Marketing With Messaging Apps

Some of our best friends are bots. Social media has changed in the past decade in a lot of ways, and one of the most important shifts to recognize is in your inbox. The social media world doesn’t just exist in timelines and newsfeeds anymore. Instead, some of the meaningful interactions between users and the … Continued

Measure Your Marketing: Four Metrics To Live By

It’s the end of the year and businesses of every side are taking stock of how their marketing efforts have fared over the past twelve months. One of the perks of living in the age of Big Data is the nearly endless ways we can organize, analyze, and take action on the numbers. If conversion … Continued

Top Five Bold Predictions For Social Media in 2020

With 2019 sliding into the rearview mirror, it’s time to take when we’ve learned and look ahead. Marketing never stops evolving, and in the world of social media, that change happens at lightning speed. We’ve seen some big changes over the past twelve months, including the rise of TikTok, the much-rumored decline of Facebook, and … Continued

End of Year Marketing Audit: A Four-Step Checklist

The end of the year is just around the corner and with that comes a prime opportunity to see how your marketing efforts worked in 2019. Not sure what to look at? We’ve got a four-step checklist to get some idea of what worked, what didn’t, and what you can change for 2020.  In a … Continued

Is This Organic?: Facebook Changes How Impressions Are Reported

Organic might get a bit tougher on Facebook. According to a recent announcement, the platform is changing how it reports organic page views, and it could trim numbers on a staple metric.  Facebook doesn’t make money by offering businesses a free place to access their own customers and reach new ones. As Zuck once said … Continued

How Hashtags Help Users Find Community (And Brands Find Customers)

Last week, I was coaching the local youth cycling squad here in Traverse City. I’m a busy, important businessman, so I was only filling for the final week. Two days, a half-dozen kids, and the only expectation was that they all get back from the ride on time. It (seems) hard to lose a bunch … Continued

Social Media Goes Direct Messaging Is Shifting How We Post Dog Photos

Social media has long been thought of a platform for users to show off. It’s a highlight reel; weddings, vacations, victories, and milestones. But with data and privacy breaches in the news, algorithms changing every day, and the whisper of Big Tech breakups, that may not be the way forward for Facebook, Twitter, and other … Continued