Five Restaurants Tips To Get The Most Out Of Curbside and Delivery

Ever since the second shutdown of dine-in services in Michigan, we’ve been working hard to help restaurants make moves to stay open and stay safe. After two lockdowns and nearly eight months, here’s what we’ve found works. 

Michigan’s Three Week Lockdown, By Industry

Just last weekend, Michigan introduced a number of new restrictions designed to curb the dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases as the holidays near. Here’s what businesses need to know.  As has been the case since the pandemic began in March, certain industries are much more affected by the necessary restrictions set in place to slow … Continued

With a Facelift and New Users, LinkedIn Is Booming

If you’ve recently logged in to your LinkedIn account and thought you logged into Facebook by mistake, you’re not alone. LinkedIn recently underwent a dramatic redesign that makes the user interface far more modern, easier to use, and strikingly similar to Facebook’s UI.  The new look comes at a time when things are looking really … Continued

Easy, Free, Contactless Check-In For Restaurants

Few industries have been hit quite as hard by the pandemic as your local restaurant. Since March, businesses of all kinds have faced challenges in the ways they do things, but for restaurants, it’s been especially tough.  The past several months have been a test of how restaurateurs think on their feet. The transition to … Continued

Q+M Goes Golfing at the MSAE Fall Golf Outing

In full transparency, you’d be hard-pressed to find any of the Q+M squad at a golf course under normal circumstances. In theory, golf should be totally up our alley; funny pants, alcohol consumption before noon, and the opportunity to whack a ball as far we can? That should be our thing, but for no particular … Continued

What Is A Marketing Budget?

Some companies still have marketing budgets. Does yours? If not, we’ll tell you what it is and one proven way to calculate just how much ad spend should be tucked away.  I’ll admit it. I worked in digital marketing for about two years before I actually put a pin through my ego and looked up … Continued

How Important is the Top Spot on Google Search? Super Important


When we talk to clients, they usually are aware of just how important it is to be at the top of the search results. They get it. When someone is searching for a product or service, they’re pre-qualifying themselves as a customer. In effect, they’re plunging from the top of the sales funnel down to, … Continued

Rewarding Good Behavior: Support Your Pivot With Promotions

Across the country and around the world, businesses are trying to see what tomorrow looks like. The best clue? How things are going today.  Much has been said of the ‘new normal’, and even if there are plenty of challenges in converting to contactless, socially-distant operations, it’s also a chance to adapt in real-time. Instead … Continued

Paid Campaigns Without An Amazon-Sized Budget

social media marketing

We’re working to help clients reshape and restart their marketing to face a very new and very challenging environment. Uncertainty is a far more troubling element in business than risk; without being able to measure what we stand to lose or gain, we’re helping clients manufacturing information through small-scale campaigns before they go big.  It’s … Continued

Should Your Brand Be Posting on LinkedIn? Demographics and Opportunity on a Growing Platform

Finding your brand’s niche on social media platforms is more important than ever these days, as organic impressions are reduced more and more each year across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While those platforms have stagnated for brands due to saturation and the aforementioned decimation of organic reach, there’s another platform that’s been growing in terms … Continued

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: New Ideas Will Make Your Business Stronger

Just how unpredictable are things right now? As the nation nears two months of lockdown and a very cautious re-opening of business in a handful of states, we’re only just learning of new confirmed COVID-19 symptoms, seeing its myriad impacts on different age groups, and finding out that there may not be immunity for those … Continued

Small Business Search Marketing Tip: Ever Heard of Apple Connect?

  Back in the day, a great big neon sign over your business was as technical as business owners could get when it came to the equivalent of “near me” searches at the time. Things have certainly changed. The rise of the “(business type) near me” searches using voice assistants and mobile are up over … Continued

Support Local: Communicating, Adapting, And Thriving

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been helping our neighbors to get through one of the most difficult times in the history of our country. The coronavirus pandemic has changed daily life for tens of millions of people around the globe. For businesses, it’s meant a near-constant state of adjustment, creativity, and pressure to … Continued

Facebook Marketing Guide: We Know You’ll Like This

An Introduction Hey, thanks for checking us out! We get pretty fired up about this whole social media marketing thing, so we’re pumped to see you’re interested in it, too. So, here’s how it’s going to work. In the next few hundred words, we’re going to cover: Metrics around the size and scope of Facebook … Continued

Get Your SBA Loan Application Filed

Over the past few days, we’ve been on the phone with a number of clients. We imagine them sitting with a cellphone on one shoulder and an office phone on the other because many of them were running through their Small Business Administration’s loan application.  That may be a bit optimistic. To say that they … Continued