Welcome Katie!

This week we are welcoming a new member to our Client Success Team, Katie Przygocki! As the Digital Media Manager, she will be working alongside the creative and accounts team at our Ann Arbor office. Katie specializes in digital marketing and making things extra special. Do you want to turn your marketing up a notch? … Continued

Arbor Networks Vision Installation, Client Highlight

The SP Team at Arbor Networks attended a visioning workshop with ZingTrain and developed a statement of where they see themselves in 2 years. In order to share the vision with everyone, and ensure it remains an ever-present guide, Arbor wanted to turn the written Vision 2020 into a wall installation at their Ann Arbor … Continued

Want Your Employees to Grow? Let Them Drive The Bus

  When you’re a parent you read a lot of children’s books. Sometimes you find one with an important life lesson. For me, that book is Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems. The story begins with a bus driver asking the reader to help with an important task: make sure the … Continued

James’ design inspiration

James here, taking a blog post to appreciate the work of Louise Fili.     Louise Fili always nails it when it comes to elegant type treatments, and I admire the way she uses calligraphic flourish and pattern-like illustration to bring beauty to her work.     In my design education I was surrounded by … Continued

Success Story: That’s a Good Looking Ham!

Dearborn Brand sells a lot of ham during the Holidays. Here we share the story of their successful campaign, infographic style. Click here to view in full size.

Video: Gimme Pizza, Client Highlight

Take a peek into the creative path that led to refreshing Tiffany’s logo and marketing materials. “You’ve got to really love pizza to spend your life making it – and making it the best that it can be.” Tony Sacco got into the pizza business at 15 years old as a busboy and not long … Continued

Video: A Stellar 2016

This year we used amazing local talent and created fresh content for our unique clients. Let’s stay connected! Follow our journey on Instagram and on Twitter. We also have an email sign-up on our contact page. Check it out! Our team is looking forward to everything 2017 has to offer! —Sarah Q+M Client Success

What Christmas Means to Me

To some the holidays are about family time, while others have a more spiritual connection. Obviously that’s all nonsense; Christmas means the annual barrage of perfume & cologne commercials. Those 30 – 60-second doses of, “what just happened to me?” It’s difficult though. As an advertiser, I feel for the writers and directors of these … Continued

The 9 Questions to Ask Before You Rebrand

Recently Q+M turned our rebrand-o-ray on ourselves and learned even more about the terrifying…ly exciting process of rebranding. Of course we’ve handled rebranding for clients in just about every industry including Midwestern Consulting & CHG, but going through the process ourselves helped reveal some of the more personal aspects of changing your identity (read more … Continued

Quack!Media becomes Q+M

In 2003 I started Quack!Media as a 23-year-old kid. I set up two folding chairs in an empty closet behind an Indian restaurant “office suite” and hired Jeff Jenkins and Serene Arena. Matt Rundell showed up a few months later and Quack!Media started making ridiculously low budget, but funny and effective educational videos.   Thirteen … Continued